Questions for Chuck Short

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Solved 217705 install ceilometer 2012-12-27 04:14:15 UTC ronghui duan Ceilometer Solved
Answered 212514 Computer not reconizing my MP3 player for downloading music 2012-10-27 21:19:16 UTC Patrick Mcfarland firefox in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 104557 package ntp 1:4.2.4p6+dfsg-1ubuntu5.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 127 2009-12-12 13:45:55 UTC Thomas Nemeth ntp in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 103885 testparm changes syntax 2009-12-02 09:13:03 UTC Neal Tomlinson samba in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 42691 synaptic unable to install - broken dependency samba-common 2008-08-19 23:31:13 UTC ndbrown samba in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 44042 Windows Network not recognized 2008-07-30 20:49:50 UTC rickenbacher samba in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 738 Merge Launchpad ID 2006-04-14 21:58:26 UTC Chuck Short Ubuntu Solved
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