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Answered 648735 update during install 2017-07-15 15:28:50 UTC xoristzatziki live-installer in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 272922 bioset 2015-10-24 05:06:37 UTC JAMES Ubuntu Answered
Answered 241021 desktop user's system mail 2013-12-19 06:41:01 UTC xoristzatziki Ubuntu Answered
Answered 226443 libreoffice-script-provider-python in lucid amd64 2013-04-11 06:54:16 UTC xoristzatziki libreoffice in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 210313 gedit does not, by default, add encodings for user language 2012-10-04 08:50:54 UTC xoristzatziki gedit in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 210306 cannot change gui in 12.0.4 2012-10-04 07:55:10 UTC Carol Painting unity in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 210072 clicking on switch user account does not select that account 2012-10-01 10:27:52 UTC xoristzatziki lightdm in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 209999 Where to report a "wishlist" for gnome-sudoku? 2012-09-30 16:33:29 UTC xoristzatziki gnome-sudoku in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 209087 sudoku trial-and-error required? 2012-09-20 06:59:00 UTC xoristzatziki gnome-games in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 166097 why is that the synaptic packet manager does not show the Aircrack-ng-1.1 downloaded packet for installation? 2011-07-27 00:54:24 UTC yadanar htike synaptic in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 165638 recovery of root password, installed in VM 2011-07-22 04:49:39 UTC sridhar k shadow in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 165187 usb-creator with user preferences and documents 2011-07-18 09:20:20 UTC xoristzatziki usb-creator in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 164376 I can only download debian files. 2011-07-11 00:06:20 UTC Marcus Denton firefox in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 164143 cannot record macros in LibreOffice3 2011-07-08 10:27:41 UTC Jose Gregoire libreoffice in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 156231 no menu item or launch icon for unixodbc-bin (for a graphical tool:-) 2011-05-06 06:57:32 UTC xoristzatziki unixodbc in Ubuntu Solved
Needs information 73460 Language/Autocheck spelling must be set each time 2009-06-06 18:50:54 UTC Bob Plantz gedit in Ubuntu Needs information
Solved 35914 installing Scanner HP Scanjet G2410 am on Ubuntu 7.10 2008-06-11 12:04:35 UTC martine hplip in Ubuntu Solved
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