Questions for python3.8 in Ubuntu

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Solved 706400 Cannot locate proper repo for python3.8+ESM1 2023-04-24 15:32:53 UTC Adam D Solved
Solved 705915 After installing python3.8-venv as dependency from python3-venv there is a symlink from /usr/bin/pyvenv, but no pyvenv-3.8 seems to exist. 2023-03-22 15:57:10 UTC Jeroen Baten Solved
Solved 690370 tkinter not available in the package! 2020-05-01 09:38:49 UTC anandwarik Solved
Answered 682804 do you know if/when disco will get py3.8 beta? 2019-08-12 10:28:59 UTC graingert Answered
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