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Open 293639 Ubuntu 16.04 - Time&Date --> "Coming Events from" does not show Lightning 2016-05-13 02:01:38 UTC SunBear Open
Open 266552 Where do you source the month and day of the week names? 2015-05-06 08:07:50 UTC GunChleoc Open
Solved 259101 Xubuntu: Settings would not open 2014-12-15 13:27:39 UTC tellapu Solved
Answered 236097 When click of date open calendar 2013-09-21 12:16:24 UTC Anatoly Answered
Answered 212808 Date Format not supported 2012-10-31 00:24:53 UTC Christopher Patrick Answered
Solved 205099 change time format from 24hr to 12hr 2012-08-05 22:30:16 UTC Walter Hewak Solved
Answered 201780 How to display the date along with the time? 2012-06-29 07:53:51 UTC Ulrich Baustian Answered
Solved 201495 Day of the week is not showing in 12.04 2012-06-26 13:15:53 UTC Lynne Stevens Solved
Solved 199791 Is there an easy way to put the date and day onto the panel along with the time? 2012-06-08 02:51:53 UTC Janice Clough Solved
Solved 196889 Time not showing in indicator 12.04 (64-bit) 2012-05-11 12:23:31 UTC Mark Bradley Solved
Answered 168364 digital clocks messed i need the time 2011-08-18 04:19:51 UTC Jamie Minne Answered
Solved 149752 How to translate "%a %H:%M"? 2011-03-18 03:46:16 UTC AJenbo Solved
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