64-bit package for Flash 10.1?

Asked by Pete Stephenson

Adobe has released a new critical update -- http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bulletins/apsb10-14.html -- for Flash, but the only packages they've released is for the 32-bit version of Flash.

Ubuntu, naturally, now has the 32-bit package in the repos, but there's still nothing for 64-bit users.

Is it possible to repackage this for 64-bit users? This is a big security issue for people using Flash.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Adobe is proprietary so the ONLY people who can do this are Adobe.

It was in beta:

So should be around soon. The official repos do not use 64bit flash and a PPA must be used to get 64bit flash via apt-get etc. The repo version uses 32bit flash via a 64bit wrapper.

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Pete Stephenson (heypete) said :

It looks like the packaging people got around to re-packaging it in a 64-bit package. Seems to work great; many thanks.

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kokonobs (kokonobs) said :

I'm a bit confused here. What's the solution then?

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Pete Stephenson (heypete) said :


Problem: Flash 10.1 was released, but only the 32-bit packages were available in the repos at the time of my original posting.
Desired Solution: Package Flash 10.1 in 64-bit package for installation on 64-bit system.
Actual Solution: Flash 10.1 package made available on repos. Update to Flash 10.1 succeeds on 64-bit Ubuntu system.

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kokonobs (kokonobs) said :

Hello Pete. thanks.

I understand the problem. I think my question was not clear. It was more to do with whether the package in the repos will work on 64bit system. Ur answer seems to suggest the package currently in the repos works on the 64bit system? Would be nice to have a thread in the forums for current users of the 64bit flash as to what to do exactly?

Thanks very much.

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Pete Stephenson (heypete) said :

kokonobs: The package that is now available works with 64-bit systems. My original problem was that the packaging folks at Ubuntu had only packaged the new version of Flash in an x86 package. Since a 64-bit package is now available, things work just fine on 64-bit systems.

As for what 64-bit users need to do, I don't think they need to do anything at all other than go through the normal procedures for updating packages (e.g. apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, Synaptic, or Update Manager at their choice) as it'll update automatically now that there's a package available in the repos.

In short: nobody needs to do anything differently at all now that the 64-bit package is available in the repos.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

The 32bit flash runs through 64bit nspluginwrapper.It works but isn't graceful. There is the 64bit flash in an extra repo but it is the 10.0 version. Personally I use native 64bit 10.0 despite the security as the flash item has to launch malicious URLs and such so if you stay on reputable websites then you are fine.

There is a repo with 64bit flash:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sevenmachines/flash && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flashplugin64-installer

Which will givenative 64bit 10.0 flash which will run sleeker on the CPU and use less RAM.

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Sam_ (and-sam) said :

Please note the ppa isn't updated.

Usage at own risk concerning CVE issues mentioned.

At the moment 64bit isn't available anymore via Adobe.

Version: is available from repo multiverse (web).