Bazaar gives an error about "failed to load extensions"

Created by Martin Pool
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John A Meinel

Bazaar from 2.1.0b1 onwards gives a warning if it failed to load some compiled extensions. (See for background.)

This may indicate either that there's been a problem installing or packaging Bazaar, or it may just be a case where you don't want to use the compiled extensions.

1- If you installed Bazaar from an official binary package or a distribution and you're seeing this warning, please report a bug.

2- If you're running Bazaar from a source tree or tarball, please run 'make' in that directory to compile the extensions. You should do this every time you update the tree. To do this you will need some build dependencies installed including make, a C compiler, and the Python header files.

3- If you can't or don't want to build the extensions, add this line to bazaar.conf (whose location is shown by 'bzr --version'):


Bazaar will work normally but some operations may be slower.

The specific modules that failed, and why, are listed in .bzr.log.