BZR and Dropbox

Created by Vincent Ladeuil


I set up my folders for some long term Python work on Dropbox so that I can work on it from home and at work (both Win7) with very little issue. As this is a fairly important project I installed BZR and have version controlled the entire project. Everything seemed fine until I tried to use BZR from my home PC (I set it all up at work). The path is different from one PC to the next as the location of Dropbox varies very slightly. This isn't a problem for my Python scripts as I can put an if statement in to switch automatically. But for BZR... I'm a little lost.

Is there a way I can either give my BZR two paths? I also read something about not having a working-tree path, but wasn't sure if that's the solution for my problem, and don't know how to implement it properly.

Ideally I'd be able to solve this issue without having to redo the set-up of BZR; but this isn't insurmountable. Likewise, if it's not possible it's not the end of the world as I can still edit the files, I just can only commit from the work PC.

Also, just as a quick disclaimer, I know I could (or perhaps should) just have local branches that I commit back to a parent. But I've set it up like this as I never know where I'll be at any given time so this allows me complete flexibility to start working from another location at the drop of a hat.

Thanks for the help and any questions I'd be happy to answer.